Saturday, July 27, 2013

09-07, hinge brackets, AST hinge prep

Yes, I skipped page 09-06 for now.  I don't like the idea of the flimsy ribs being attached while I try to attach hardware.  The interference of the ribs with the torque wrench is much more than the the interference of the hinge hardware with the manual rivet puller.  I also don't want to have to set the skeleton aside while I got the skin out to drill the AST hinges.  My plan is to assemble the R half of the skeleton and then immediately apply the skin, then do the same for the left.

Today's mystery was regarding the fit of the bushing on the upper half of the right (left side of photo) hinge.  There's a noticeable narrowing of the gap between the hinge halves, perhaps 1/16th or so. (I'm amazed that I'm starting to be able to think in terms of fractions.  I vastly prefer to think in terms of mm, but apparently I am capable of learning fractions of inches after all.)   I ended up sanding down the bushing quite a bit.

I can't figure out why the bracket isn't square.  No proud rivets beneath it and no deformity of the underlying spar box.  I'll be sure to check that there's adequate lateral clearance between the hinge halves and the F-1211C hinge stops when the time comes.


IMG 0037 2

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