Saturday, July 13, 2013

07-05, Rudder

This is the fun part of building.  Fitting the skin on a skeleton and buttoning it up.  I enlisted 'Little Nick' to help position the skin and start aligning it.  As we were doing so, 'Big Nick' arrived and we put him to work installing clecos and placing blind rivets.  He only helped out about 10 minutes, as he was really there to take Melena out on a date but it was fun initiating him to the Brethren of Sheet Metal Workers.

Looking at Van's website, they are calling for an 8 week lead time for either wings or fuselage kit.  I think I'll call them on Monday and find out if either is on a potentially shorter time frame, and if so, order that kit.  If they are both equal lead times, then I'll order the wings.


IMG 2509

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