Wednesday, November 12, 2014

35-04 Main Gear & Brakes

Figuring out how to install the brakes was a moderate challenge. On two occasions I started taking apart things that Shouldn’t Be Taken Apart, but I didn’t do any damage.  It was pretty straight forward after I got through the mental imagery of what attached to where.


IMG 3745

front view of L Main Gear

IMG 3746

aft view of R Main Gear w/ Brake

In this aft view, you can see the fitting for the brake line and the shoes on the rear aspect of the disk.  You can also see the re-attached fairing support and clearly see why it had to be removed in order to put on the brakes.  Live & learn.  (If I ever build another RV-12, it’ll be a lot easier to spot the redundant assemble-disassemble-reassemble sequences.)

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