Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EAA Tech Counselor Visit #3

IMG 3736

EAA Tech Inspection Form #3
Bob returned for his 3rd visit of my project.  He brought along a friend, Ken, who is a semi-retired helicopter pilot and is contemplating jumping into the RV building trade.  It turned an inspection into an opportunity to share my enthusiasm and tips with a "new recruit.”  It made the inspection process really fun, as I explored being “senior” to someone in this domain.  All in all, Bob had no significant adverse comments.  He made reference to getting very familiar with an FAA reference document on workmanship techniques.  I can’t recall it right off the bat, but will spend some time looking for it and adding it to my technical library.
“View fuselage assembly.  Project coming along very well. Discussed proper method of installing cotter pins.  Discussed future installation of avionics and engine. Already performed some fuel flow testing."
PS:  Bob just sent me the link for AC43-13-1B.

Addendum 11/15/14
Hey Bob,
Just wanted to drop you a line.  You brought to my attention the orientation of a couple of bolts.  I was under the impression that The Book had called out for them to be inserted inverted, but I was mis-remembering a different location.  The blue oval encloses the correctly replaced bolts. The blue rectangle shows the ones that confused me.
Thanks again,
IMG 3771
Repositioned bolts (annotated)

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