Friday, November 21, 2014

35-06 (except #4) finishing caliper brake lines

Here’s the final page of the brake line installation.  I was also able to install the final baggage corner skins as well as the brake cover plates.  I’m planning on drilling the flaperon torque tubes later this week, so the corner skins have to go on now.  The Book calls for them to be installed after the tail cone goes on, but I’ve been shown that it’s possible to get the overlaps correct even if I go out of sequence.  (I think standing on a stable surface and looking right at the torque tubes will be much better than trying to crawl into a completed airframe and drilling at a weird angle.)

The brake caliper lines were placed on the trailing edges of the main gear legs last page: this page just tweaked their placement and secured the anti-abrasion sleeves that I had previously installed. 

The only step that wasn’t completed was #4, which calls for installing some sheet metal plugs in the access holes on the bottom of the fuselage.  Just two problems—I didn’t receive any sheet metal plugs and there aren’t any access holes!  Stay tuned...

IMG 3778

Brake Caliper Lines tie wrapped in place

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