Wednesday, November 12, 2014

52-02 & 52-04 Tow Bar

My timing worked out perfectly in this case.  Once I committed to putting the plane on its gear, I would no longer have the convenience of the mobile platform I built with the castoring wheels, thus mobility in the garage would be a bit of a challenge.  I ordered the tow bar / parking brake kit last week, and it arrived the day I finished the nose gear.

As part of the ‘build-ahead’ motivation described earlier, I elected to do some fairing pre-work on the nose gear fork prior to installing it.   (The instructions in section 36 require removing not only the tire/wheel, but also the nose fork, so I did some work prior to its installation.)   It turns out that I would have had to remove the fork in order to insert the bolts & washers that the tow handle uses, so that was already done.)

Page 52-03 describes how to measure & modify the handle so that it can be used as an ersatz parking brake. It’s quite ingenious, really.  The handle is used to put pressure on the brake pedals and is then wedged into the structure beneath the seat.  In order to make the proper measurements and drill, I have to have the brake system completed and filled with fluid, so that page will be deferred.  For now, I have a proper way of maneuvering the plane in/out & around the garage.

IMG 3767

Tow Bar

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