Saturday, November 15, 2014

35-05 caliper brake lines

Only a little bit of trepidation with this page.  For some reason, I’m just not comfortable working with tubing.  I managed to ruin one segment when I put too much of a bend on it without realizing that the collar had migrated proximal to the bend. No matter what I tried to straighten out the segment, I couldn’t get the collar back into position.  I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that I had sufficient AT0-032x0.25 to make another caliper brake line.  It’s almost like the folks in Oregon kind of expected that not all of us would get it right on the first time!

I also took the liberty of sliding the protective clear tubing over the brake lines on this page, rather than slitting them and placing them over the finished brake lines after they were installed (as called out on the next page.)


IMG 3774

Brake Lines at Inboard Gear Attach Bracket

I didn’t realize it when I took this picture, but it’s a pretty good match for the detail view drawn out on page 35-05.  We are looking straight up (through an access plate) into the bottom of the main channel.  The wedge shaped structure on the bottom is the tapered main gear leg.  You can see the AN4 and AN6 nuts holding things together. On the upper side of the Inboard Main Gear Attach Bracket you can see the main brake line terminating in a brass fitting; on the lower side is the just-installed caliper brake line terminated with the blue anodized AN hardware.



IMG 3775

Caliper Brake Line looping around Main Gear Leg

I really like this picture.  I managed to substantially dim the flash with my fat finger, but the effect was excellent for highlighting the key point in image.  I’m also really surprised that I was able to make this structure at all, much less make it look nice & professional.

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