Wednesday, November 12, 2014

36-05 Gear Fairing Hardware

As mentioned in the previous post, I do try to read forward in The Book to identify places where I can avoid re-work.  Here’s an example of getting some of it.  I had read that it’s a good idea to install a bracket for the gear fairings when installing the main gear, as you have to remove the tire.  It turns out that you have to remove the entire axle as well.  Here’s the axle with an adaptor bracket on the inside edge of the gear.  That, in turn, supports a mounting bracket that will be used to support the fairings.  I installed it because it allowed me to check off this page as complete.  I was very proud of the fact that I got the adaptor bracket in place before I mounted the tire.  On the other hand, I promptly had to remove the fairing bracket to install the brakes...  Like I said, I got to avoid some of the rework...


IMG 3742

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