Wednesday, July 15, 2015

32-13 attach of rudder, elevator cables


It turned out that attaching the rudder cables was not nearly as difficult to attach as I had been dreading.    I knew that the elevator system required tension on the cables, and I had assumed the same would be true of the rudders.  Not the case at all.  There’s no tension that is required on the rudder cables; it’s all optional because the pilot is applying tension with his feet.  You could theoretically pull a rudder pedal forward.  This will drop all tension in the cable.  It makes it easy to attach the links.

The elevator cables, on the other hand, were a bit more challenging.   Several months ago I had installed the forward elevator cables and the pulley that they pass under.  I passed the cable from the right pulley through the right hole and the left pulley through the left hole.  Today was the day to pull the aft cables and attach them together in the belly of the fuselage.  Again, it was quite the entertaining mission to string something that would pull the cables from the tail bulkhead up to the center, and I needed Nick’s help to get them pulled.

 The picture shows both the H stab and rudder cables bolted in place.  There are paper tags on them documenting that they are (1) not lubricated with bearing grease and (2) not safetied with cotter pins.  This is because I’m going to have to disassemble the tail feathers in order to transport the plane and I see no reason to ruin cotter pins for a temporary installation in the garage.  I’ll leave the tags on them until I re-assemble the plane in the hangar at DLZ.

IMG 4531

attached Rudder & Elevator cables

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