Wednesday, July 1, 2015

12-09 Fairing initial attach

Pretty straightforward work today, which was good because I was pretty tired after working a 15 hour shift then only getting 4 hrs of sleep.  The hardest part was reattaching the h-stab by myself.  It’s currently attached only with the AN4 bolts, as I know that it’s coming off in a few days and putting those washers in is going to be a real challenge.

The fairings were drilled #40, then enlarged to #27 using the modified drill bit.  I didn’t feel comfortable using the modified bit to go through the aluminum.  I put the modified bit in on drill and a regular one on my other drill.  I could go through the fiberglass and then sequenced through with the other drill, then put in the larger cleco.

There is a tiny bit of rubbing of surface screws, so I filed a tiny amount off of the inside of the H-stab.  That will need to be rechecked a few more times to get the 1/8” required clearance.


IMG 4475

Fairing—initial attachment

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