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Here’s my post to VAF on 4/14/15:

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Default Check list for Registration

Hi all,

I'm about ready to submit my paperwork to OK City for registration. I called my FSDO and ended up educating the representative that there was such a thing as an E-LSA that is not an E-AB. Needless to say, I'm not entirely confident in his advice on how to proceed. Before I send it off, could someone let me know if this looks OK or not? (sorry about the pun.  )

AC Form 8050-1, Aircraft Registration Request
AC Form 8050-2, Kit Bill of Sale
AC Form 8050-88A, Affidavit of Ownership / LSA Manufacturer's Affidavit
AC Form 8050-110, Confirmation of Reservation of Registration Number
personal check for $5.00 payable to FAA

I am NOT submitting
AC Form 8130-15, LSA Statement of Compliance
AC Form 8130-6, Application for Airworthiness Certificate

Thanks in advance,



No one really committed to any definite comment.  I knew that the guy to talk to in the local FSDO is John Welsh, but he was out of town for a week. I elected to wait for John’s return.

When John called, he was more knowledgeable, but quickly referred me to an 866 number in OK City where I could talk to a technician in the aircraft registration branch.  I only had to wait about 8 min on hold, and was told that “yes” I was doing things correctly.   I sent off the packet on 4/20/15 and will update this when I get the registration or a notice that I didn’t do it correctly. 



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Question FAA more confused than me?

Good news: only 7 days after mailing in my packet, the FAA wrote back to me.

Bad news: They seem more confused that I am. The letter states: 

"It appears that Van's Aircraft Inc built the described aircraft (per the Form 8050-88 submitted.) If Van's Aircraft Inc is the builder/manufacturer of the aircraft then the bill of sale from Van's to David Hill should show "Aircraft" bill of sale and not "KIT" bill of sale. If this is the case you may draw a single line through "KIT" and show Aircraft."
Since I did build N76012 from kit, then this doesn't sound like the right thing to do.  

The letter doesn't have any alternative action other than to call, which I will do this week. Did anyone have a similar experience? Does anyone have any magic words that I can use to make this go smoothly?



July 5, 2015

I finally received my prized registration postcard in the mail!  It really is a case of the FAA’s motto coming true: “We’re not happy until you’re not happy.”  The insanity appears embodied in the OK City (Registration Branch) policy of processing each day’s mail on a priority basis—as long as everything is perfect.  If an error is discovered, your case gets dropped to “routine” priority, which means about a 4 week backlog at the time of this posting.  Since I had not one, but two, errors in paperwork, I got screwed over pretty well.  At least I had the wisdom to start the registration process about 3 months ahead of completion. 


OK.  Enough bitching.  Here are some good news photos to make this worthwhile.


IMG 4522

Tail Numbers


IMG 4535

Data Plate

 The data plate is protected by a few scraps of duct tape so the clecos don’t mar the surface.  My intent is to obtain my airworthiness certificate and then pull the last two official rivets to affix the data plate and thus render the project an actual airworthy aircraft.  Fingers crossed!


IMG 4537


Ohio Pride!

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