Tuesday, July 14, 2015

12-10 Fairing final fitting

Trimming, cutting, sanding, fitting, cursing, repeating.  I’m starting to get the hang of fiberglass work!  This page was actually pretty tough.  There are 12 nut plates arcing around the metal portion of the tail.  I discovered that if you are not perfectly lined up with the nut plate, it’s extremely easy to get cross threaded.  Once cross threaded, you are pretty much screwed.  I sheared two screws and needed to drill out and replace those nut plates, and I damaged one to the point that I knew that I would eventually repeat the cross thread event and would have to replace it... ...so I went ahead and replaced it now.  there are four very shallow indentations in the inner surface of the H stab to provide the required 1/8” clearance over the screw heads.  I also learned that it’s best to just start the 12 perimeter screws, tighten the 8 screws that hold the upper to lower ‘halves’ together, then tighten up the perimeter.  Lastly, the push rod for the AST leans a bit to the right, so I ended up widening the slot to the right to accommodate. 


IMG 4519

Rear Fairing, forward view


IMG 4518

Rear Fairing, aft view

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