Friday, July 31, 2015

37-09 sealing Fuel Filler

I just noticed that this page isn’t on the CD-ROM version that I use as my study guide on my computer.  The Book calls for smearing fuel tank sealant on the neck and then installing it on the turtle deck skin.  I wondered how I was going to start the screws if I couldn’t see the holes because of the sealant, so I tried a different technique.  In the photo, you can see how I started the screws into the nut plates.  After taking the photo, I mixed up the sealant and put in a baggie with the corner cut off.  I used this to squirt sealant onto the face of the filler neck, then tightened up the screws.  It wasn’t too bad.  I had to tear off some sealant that squirted past the waxed surface of the inside of the turtle deck, but I made a pretty good seal.  I will probably touch it up with a bit more sealant when I do the rear window.

IMG 4548

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