Saturday, August 3, 2013

09-10, Horiz Stab complete

Horizontal Stabilizer is complete.  The control horns are bolted on and the counter weight has been assembled and (temporarily) installed for the photo op.

As mentioned previously, I will probably not be back to work for a week or so.  I will also take a detour and do some carpentry instead of metal work.  VAF has some excellent plans for a tailcone dolly that will facilitate both making and storing the tail cone.  I will probably also make the wing dolly.  I haven't selected the final plan for that yet, but I'm thinking of making one that will have a vertical wall in the center and have it do double duty storing the sheet metal before building an the wings after completion.  If those are done and I like what they look like, then I may also build a dolly / storage rack for the rudder, Vert Stab and AST's.


IMG 2543

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