Thursday, August 29, 2013

10-10, upper skins


I ended up loosing 3 hours of time when I got confused on my schedule and thought I had to go to work on the 27th.  I got dressed, drove an hour only to find that I was a day early, then drove another hour home.  I made good use of the remaining time and finished attaching the upper skins.   The right side is completely riveted in this photo, but I thought that the warty clecos and ratty blue vinyl made an interesting "before" picture of the L side.  

The cradle works very well, and made it very easy to move the work piece around in the shop as I pulled lots and lots of rivets.  I'm fairly sure I will defer attaching the tail feathers because of space issues.  It's going to be at least a year (or two) before this project is ready to fly and the probability of 'hanger rash' is pretty good if I have a big 8' horizontal stab taking up garage space.  I'll make good use of the cradle and may even move it and the tail cone into the living room and keep company with the tail feathers.


IMG 2625



IMG 2628

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