Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Empennage Cradle

Took a bit of a detour to make a cradle to hold the empennage.  Plans came from a gentleman on VAF.  The most expensive part was the 3/4" sheet of plywood, of which I only needed half but had to purchase a full sheet.  The piece went together without much drama, although I did get distracted by some neighbor hood kids (6 & 8 yo) who asked enough questions that I cut the wrong piece and needed to get yet another 2x3 (not making 2x4's anymore I guess.)

I naively thought that the uprights would replace the need for the sawhorses called out on page 10-06, but the 45° brace gets in the way.  No problem.  You'll see this in another posting with some 2x3 screwed in across the tops of the cradles, thus making elevated sawhorses for that step.  


IMG 0055 2IMG 0056 2


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