Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10-02 (#1-#2) Tail Skins Prep

The first two steps of this page were skipped earlier due to no need to move pieces around and just put them back again. For today's work, all 9 of the tail skins were identified and edges were broken as called out.  

This photo shows all 9 of the tail skins resting in the new cradle.

IMG 2595


I used the tool based on a pair of vice grips with some steel rollers welded on the jaws.  The adjustment of the vice is very sensitive and I ended up making adjustments on the order of an eighth of a rotation in order to get a good feel and to leave a good edge. You can see the broken edge on one of the pieces.  You can barely see a crease that goes along the rivet hole line.  When viewed along the edge, the edge itself is just bent a few degrees.  We'll see how well that works in a few pages.

IMG 2598


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