Friday, May 23, 2014

23-03 #4 Proseal seam on firewall

Using the same stir stick, I applied a thin layer of Proseal to the top edge of the lower firewall section and mated the firewall shelf and lower section.  (The shelf was a bit heavier, since I had also installed the rudder pedal assembly.) I clecoed every other hole to get good pressure on the sealant.  Predictably, the LP4-3 rivets didn’t go in smoothly or evenly so I had to use the #30 reamer first.  That got sealant all over the reamer, but I was able to clean it off with rubbing alcohol before it cured.  I also cleaned all of the gunk off of the clecos and salvaged them from being glued shut.


IMG 3232

Proseal between shelf and lower firewall 

 This shows a close up of the bead of Proseal.  This section is representative of the bead along the entire length of the seam.  I’m actually kind of proud of the way it turned out.

IMG 3233

Firewall and Shelf assembly 

Just a view showing the firewall shelf in its final position. 

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