Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EAA Tech Counselor visit #2

Bob L came over to the shop again today to do another check up on my progress.  He’s out of the forms from the EAA, so I’ll amend that to this post sometime later when he gets it to me.
Overall, he seemed to think I was doing well and had no major concerns.  He did point out some flush rivets that were a bit proud and could be re-squeezed and expressed some concern about the flares for the fuel lines.  He opined that I’ll probably have some leaks, but it was based 50 % on some minor imperfections on my very first flared tube and 50 % on the fact that everyone has fuel leaks.  I debated pulling out the fuel system and re-installing all new tubes and fittings, but I reason that there’s a good possibility that at least one of my lines won’t leak and will be usable as currently installed.  Yes, removing & re-installing the lines after everything is built will be a royal PIA, but if I yank & replace everything now, I’m pretty sure I won’t learn anything since there’s no information to be gained by removing untested lines.


Update, 5/31/14
Bob sent me the text of his comments to EAA.  Apparently they EAA have a new on-line submission form, but it doesn’t have a good mechanism for giving feedback to the builder.

Test from the comment box:
This my second visit of David's RV-12 project.  David is making good progress.  I found no major issues with the build.
We did discuss ensuring that all flush rivets are truly flush, as well as checking the tube flares for cracking and/or burrs.   I shared with David the type of tube sealant I used.
Overall, David's RV-12 project is progressing well and built per the plans.

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