Wednesday, May 21, 2014

27-02 initial fitting of brake cylinders

This guy was a real challenge because of too much powder coat that got inside the tube that accepts the torque tube for the pilot’s Left brake.  I ended up getting a stainless steel rotary brush from my Dremel kit and putting it on the drill and buff the inside of the tube to get out some of the powder coat.  After that, it was a tight fit, but I got the greased torque tube installed.  I checked the friction of rotation of the pilot’s L brake against the other 3 and it feels pretty much the same to my hand, so I expect that there’ll be no significant difference to the feel to my toes when I actually go to use the brakes.


IMG 3219


Initial Assembly of Rudder / Brake Cylinders

This picture shows the pilot’s brake pedals.  The red cloth is to protect the finish from being scratched by the vice grip that is holding the brake pedal in alignment with the rudder pedal, prior to drilling the pilot holes up to final size (1/4”).  The brake cylinders are only pinned in place, without the cotter pins that went on later.

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