Wednesday, May 21, 2014

28-06 fuel return line

Although easier to work with, the fuel return line was fairly difficult due to the long run and tight spaces within which to work. 

IMG 3209

Fuel Return Line from Firewall Shelf

Starting at the forward end of the fuselage, we are looking at the vertical tube in the center of the picture which is the fuel return line.  The upper fixture is finger tight without any thread sealant, since the firewall shelf is only clecoed in place at this time.  There are a few waves in the line, but it’s functionally straight.  It’s clamped on the firewall and then heads aft.

IMG 3210

Fuel Return Line and main Fuel Line in tunnel

The return line is clearly smaller than the fuel feed line and they parallel each other as they go through the tunnel between the seats.  This photo is oriented up=forward, down=aft. 

IMG 3211

Bulkhead termination of fuel return line

This view is from under the belly, looking up through an access hole.  Although not convenient, the access did exactly what it was supposed to and I got things attached.  I did my second new guy mistake and started flaring the tube before I put on the sleeve & nut.  I had to cut off ~ 1/4” and flare it again.  I think I’ve got this burned into my experience bank by now.

IMG 3216

Fuel Return Line from aft bulkhead

Here’s the other side of that bulkhead fitting.  This run is a big “U” shape with an upturn on the far end of the “U”.  


IMG 3217

Fuel Lines padded together

This is looking sideways through the fuselage.  You can see the two lines are padded and clamped together to keep them from rubbing and fraying against each other.  There are 3 sets of these cushions.

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