Wednesday, May 21, 2014

27-04 brake cross over lines

IMG 3226

Brake Crossover Lines

27-03 Well, you can’t see the drilled brake torque tubes, but you can see that there are some nice AN4 bolts holding rudder pedal pads onto the rudders, so you can presume that the holes are present.  The drilling wasn’t too difficult, just tedious.  As shown in the previous post, I used a pair of vice grips to hold the rudder pedal and the brake torque tube together.  It was pretty straightforward to drill #30, place a cleco and then do the other side.  I left the cleco on the first side and did the #30, then #19 and finally the 1/4” drill holes.  I put an AN4 into the result hole to maintain alignment then did the #19 and 1/4” on the first side.  This hole (sorry, can’t resist the pun) process was repeated for the other 3 stations.

27-04 The brake cylinders were cotter pinned in place and the brake lines were fabricated and installed.  The error of the day was to not pay attention and I transposed the locations of the 45° and 90° elbows.  This was corrected before I went any further.

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