Sunday, May 4, 2014

28-02 Fuel System hardware install

Continuing with the philosophical thread started by the longerons, I also decided that I was dreading working with the fuel system, since it’s another area of lack-of-expertise.  Best way to deal with putting something off is to dive right in, so I did.

IMG 3158

Fuel Pump installed in rear tunnel


IMG 3160
Fuel Cut-off Valve installed in cockpit
So, what did I learn?  A fair amount.  I learned how to recognize the various fuel fittings.  I bought some thread sealant (very thick, gooey stuff).  I learned that the threads all seem to turn freely for 3 o 4 revolutions, but then require LOTS of torque.  I learned that I had not taught Nick the meaning of fore and aft and then expected him to correctly orient the cut off valve when I clecoed it from the bottom of the ship.  (no worry, it came out with just two expertly drilled rivets and was re-installed in a jiffy.)
I was even thrilled to discover I could use my new flaring tool and make pretty good test flares on the 3/8” tubing that will be the fuel delivery system.  Lastly, I learned that I did not pay attention when I ordered the tubing bending tool, and that it is too small to accept 3/8” tubing.  Oh, well.  That’s the reason I dived in so early—there’s plenty for me to do while I wait for Harbor Freight to send me a larger one.
On to the rudder pedals!
... or not.  Guess what’s back ordered?  Torque tubes for the brakes.   I guess I’ll work on the roll over structure today.

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