Wednesday, May 14, 2014

28-03 fuel line, tank to pump

Another item that arrived while I was working (well, actually, it arrived as I left on my 1 day vacation) was the 3/8” tubing bender.  I successfully fabricated my first fuel line without significant drama.  You can see it attached to the aft end of the fuel pump and bending its way through the lightening hole in the floor.  The oval cutout in the floor has a bit of white stuff poking up.  That’s masking tape over the other end of said fuel line.  I’m not happy about the minimal clearance between the line and the edge of the lightening hole.  I’ve made a To Do to put a bit of caterpillar grommet material there to give me piece of mind.

BTW, the fuel tank also arrived, so I may install that prior to skins, too.

IMG 0004 2

Tank to Pump Fuel Line

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