Tuesday, May 6, 2014

24-02 Rollover Structure

This is one of those pages that looks pretty straightforward (well, it is actually) but took forever due to the plethora of holes that needed to be aligned, clecoed, final drilled, cleco-shifted, final drilled, un-clecoed, deburred (each hole x 4), countersunk, clecoed, riveted, cleco-shifted and riveted.  Took the whole day and late into the night.  I took advantage of the fact that everything was accessible during assembly and did some of the work for the Eyeball Light from page 40-13, but that page isn’t complete so it’s not being documented at this time.  


IMG 3178

Roll Bar and misc brackets

The brackets took about 3 minutes.  The roll bar took about 8 hours.  Whew!

IMG 3179

Eyeball Light mounting bracket

This will hold the LED ‘eyeball’ light for night flying.  It’s not pretty, but the bit of string that you see tied to the canopy latch will be used to pull the wires later.

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