Thursday, May 15, 2014

28-04 fuel line, pump to cut off

One of my oddities is that I tend to do my documentation of this project at night / early morning when I’m at work and it’s slow at the hospital.  Since I’ve been on vacation for a week, I got a lot of work done on the plane and no documentation of same.  This is one of 6 pages posted at the same time.  I’m hoping to write up the textual descriptions in the next few days.



IMG 3199

 Fuel Line, pump to aft bulkhead

It’s not pretty, but it’s functional and safe.  The line snaked through the two bulkheads without too much hassle.  I got the fittings on without any trouble and threaded onto the valve.  You can see a bit of the thread sealant, which was sticky and gooey but other than that, not bad to work with.



IMG 3200

Fuel Line, midship bulkhead to cut off valve


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