Monday, April 7, 2014

21-07, Left Seat Floor assay

IMG 3027

Left Seat Floor assembly

If you look carefully, you’ll note that there are two holes above (relative to the picture’s orientation) the hinge pieces.  I must have been really, really, really tired when I put this together.  I did catch the mistake prior to riveting the floor to the rest of the assembly, so it is corrected in the subsequent picture.

IMG 3030

Left Front Seat Floor 


IMG 3029

Note the marked clecos; they designate holes that are called out as “no rivet” in the plans. (Color is not important.)  You can see where I removed the piano hinges, fabricated a new set and re-installed them (hopefully) correctly.  I still almost screwed up—you can see two extra holes where I had mis-aligned the hinge for drilling.  The two extra holes from the original misplacement have been filled with dummy rivets on the left of the hinges.

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