Wednesday, April 9, 2014

21-11, stub spar receptacles, control columns brackets

IMG 3060

Drilled out spar receptacle

OK, look back at the previous post and admire how nice the rivets were. Of course, they weren’t supposed to be installed yet.   This is what it looks like after drilling them out.  When I initially stocked my garage shop, I bought a rivet removal tool.  This is the first time I've used it.  It’s a collar that sits over the head of a 570 style to hold a drill bit steady.  After a few tries, it got pretty easy to get these guys out. 


IMG 3061

Bulkhead Doubler

Here’s the R side of bulkhead 1203 showing the bulkhead doubler installation.  Note the previously viewed drilled out holes on the far left of the image; the others are now covered and have the correct 470D4-8 rivets.  Although not visible here, the control column attach brackets are on the other side of the bulkhead as inferred by the LP4-3 heads running vertically. 

IMG 3062

Control Column; Stub Spar Receptacle

The instructions said install the factory heads of rivets on the forward face of the bulkhead “where possible.”  Not sure why that notation was present, I didn’t have any trouble with using the front face. Perhaps that will be an issue later.  Similarly, the bulkhead doublers are held together with 470D3-4’s, with the notation that it is acceptable to use flat dies to squeeze them.  I had no trouble using the cup set, so I’m just curious about what I am missing.

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