Wednesday, April 30, 2014

26-02, Seatback parts prep

Apropos of my earlier discussion to defer installing the skins, I decided to do things out of sequence.  I chose the setbacks because they are pretty straightforward, but also because I had a nagging feeling that I somehow screwed up the hinge pin installation on the seat bottoms.  I know that I agonized and read and re-read the instructions many times because I wasn’t sure of the orientation of the hinges in the drawings.  My biggest fear of this whole project is that I will discover that I installed some do-hickey in such a way that another piece won’t fit.  In order to slay that particular fear with the seats, I wanted to get them (the matching backs) done now, while the seat pans were fresh in my memory. 


IMG 3146

miscellaneous hardware for the Seat Backs

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