Friday, April 18, 2014

21-16, bottom skin

Well, I think I reached a major milestone (albeit a bit too soon.)  Pictured below is the last LP4-3 rivet from the big box of 10,000.   Given the several hundred rivets I’ve had to remove, I have ordered another 1000 from Van’s to complement my remaining 2500 rivets.  Any way you look at it, I’m at least 75 % of the way though pulling rivets on this  bird!

IMG 3103

Rivet # 10,000


Here’s the bottom skin, all riveted in place.  This picture complements the one in the preceding page which shows the internal rib structures.

IMG 3104

Lower Skin

IMG 3105

Close up of Lower Skin

IMG 3106

Rear view of lower skin

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