Monday, April 7, 2014

21-08, Right Seat Floor Assy & installation

IMG 3032

Right Seat Floor Assembly

Much nicer installation of the hinges for the seat backs.  The only detail that I need to keep in mind is that the location of the 1st hole was not under an eyelet, but was under a flat part of the hinge.  If the seat back doesn’t line up properly, i may need to offset the mating hinge by 1/2 of an eyelet width.



IMG 3033

underside of the fuselage assembly

I really dreaded having to find a way to rivet the seat ribs to the center section.  Thinking about climbing under the table and reaching up was not fun.  I remembered reading in the posts that the structure was strong enough to be rolled on its side, so I have it a try.  Turned out pretty well.  I set the rivets from inside the channel without too much trouble.

IMG 3034

Seat Floors riveted to Center Section

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