Tuesday, February 17, 2015

12-02 V-stab & Rudder Fairings

I dilly-dallied for nearly 2 years before tackling the finishing steps of the vertical pieces because I had never worked with fiberglass before and I was afraid to start.  After sanding the engine cooling shroud, I realized that I had crossed a barrier and so went way back to the empennage to do a little catch up work.  (BTW, I’m still not looking forward to learning how to work wet fiberglass by myself.)   A few hours with my belt sander made fast work of sanding off the excess fiberglass and getting things close to final.  I also (re)learned to put sheets over my project to keep the dust down some!

When I got my tutorage from Rick, he was pretty even minded about the scotchbrite wheel vs a belt sander, but I’ve developed a distinct preference for the wheel, at least until now.  Now, I prefer the wheel for aluminum, but the sander is very very versatile with sanding/shaping fiberglass!


IMG 4028 V-stabilizer and Rudder Fairings 

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