Sunday, February 22, 2015

46-18 Fuel Pump Drain Line

Conceptually simple, moderately challenging to install.  In the picture, you can see a small metal tube starting near the upper right and snaking down and then to the left.  It transitions to the black tube tie-wrapped to the orange fuel line, thence to terminate below the bottom of the firewall.  This is the line that vents excess fuel from the pump.  I’m not sure why it’s not just a long length of the black hose, but I bet that heat from the cylinders has something to do with it it.  The hardest parts were bending the aluminum tubing and then attaching them with the dual cushion clamp trick.  Bending the tube was not as fear inspiring as it had been previously.  I misjudged where to put the 1st bend.  Rather than trying to straighten it out and then rebend in a better spot, I corrected by adding a bend to divert it away from the oil pressure sensor, then made a sharper bend to get back on track.  I was fairly pleased with the way that I didn’t get upset.

Holding two cushion clamps together with enough force to get a bolt & nut started is another challenge.  The Book called for using safety wire but then inconveniently states that that technique is not shown.  I used a needle nosed vise grip to hold the flanges of the cushion clamps together, then used an awl to forcibly line up the holes in which I could insert the screw and bolt it all together.  I did remember to go back and trim those tie wraps after the picture was taken.


IMG 4072

Fuel Pump Drain Line

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