Friday, February 20, 2015

46-09 Drip Pans; Clamp Block

Well, I had to wait for a $10 jar of fuel tank sealant to arrive so I could appropriately seal the drip pans.  (Technically, that’s step # 11 from p 46-08).  The instructions also call for a 1/4” blob of sealant to go under the carburetors, which get a bit of Beolube to allow disassemble later.  When I put it all together, I’m a bit bent out of shape to discover that the carb is no where near the blob at the bottom.  I have no idea why this step was included.


IMG 4053

Left Carb w/ Drip Pan


IMG 4054

Right Carb with Drip Pan; Fuel Block Assemby

I had done the work with the fuel block several days ago, but didn’t publish until the rest of the page was done (yesterday).  The only real problem was getting the pilot jet out of the upper banjo bolt.  The Book cleverly states “Remove the pilot jet from the banjo bolt M8x1x17.  It will not be replaced, but keep it in a safe place.”  Well, it’s not being kept in a safe place.  The damn thing needed to be drilled out and backed out with a removal tool.  I sure hope that I don’t come across “using the pilot jet preserved from page 46-09...."

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