Tuesday, February 17, 2015

46-08 Reassembly of accessories

The first step on this page is to put back the air induction system and the electronics modules that are physically attached to it.  Right off the bat, I knew I had a problem.  The bottom of the electronic module now bumped directly against the recently installed engine mount (see pink arrow.)  I spent a few minutes growing more grey hair and even taking advantage of fortuitous timing: 10:30 AM EST is 7:30 PST, which happens to be when Van’s Tech support is on the phone.  I talked with a nice guy named Sterling who requested this photo (sans arrow) and said he’d have to talk with the shop and look at their plane to see how it compared.


IMG 4017


After I hung up with him, I remembered fishing out a small metal doo-dad from the crannies on the top of the engine.  At the time, I only had breathed a sigh of relief that it didn’t end up inside the generator housing, where all it could do would be various amounts of damage & mayhem.  What I forgot to do was think about where it could have come from.  Putting two and two together, I put the doo-dad (now renomenclatured as a bushing) below the lower standoff of the electronics control module.  Voila!

IMG 4019

Bushing, now correctly supporting electronics module

OK, back to forward progress.  The Drip pans were built up without too much muss & fuss.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any tank sealant on hand, so that final step is pending.  (Much progress was made anyway.)

IMG 4020

Fuel Return Assy & Fuel Drip Pans

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